Practicing the Presence of God

The idea of practicing the presence was made popular by Brother Lawrence, a Benedictine monk, working in the kitchen and constantly repeating the name of God. He made profound spiritual progress by this technique. The yogis refer to this as Japa Yoga. It is an easy technique. Merely find a name of God that appeals to you and keep mentally repeating it. It is best to do this in silence so as to not disturb those around you. I was on a group trip in India many years ago and one of our group members was constantly saying, “Hari Krishna,” out loud! It became like Water Torture.  The group eventually had to forcefully request that she be silent.  Do your friends a favor and just do this mentally.

It is said that when someone says the name of “Babaji” with sincere devotion, he or she will receive an instant spiritual blessing. You can also do this practice with music and make it a chanting experience when you are in your meditation room or alone.  I have added a very short video below that I made with my iPhone in my meditation room. This can give you an example of Japa Yoga.

Japa Yoga also helps to quiet the mind as it overrides the typically mental stream of content from everyday life. The Practicing the Presence ultimately evolves to a state where there is no practice. The presence of the Divine is felt within and a deep sense of gratitude fills the heart for this spiritual blessing.

Chanting the Name of Babaji