Value of Meditation

The art of meditation is more than relaxing. I have heard people tell me they meditate when they are in the shower. Calming….yes.  Transformative….probably not.

We have talked about devotion as a way to draw God closer. However, if you are agitated, angry, restless and unable to sustain a concentrated focus, you will be unable to perceive the more subtle realms of energy that will expand your consciousness and awaken your realization of the soul. An inner life of turmoil leaves little room for God’s presence.

Kriya Yoga teaches that in order to dive deeper into the Self, we must withdraw our life force energy away from the outer, more surface expressions of the ego ––away from the out senses of perception. We can withdraw our energy into the deeper channels of the spine and direct our energy into the higher centers of the brain.

When the life force energy is withdrawn, we can discover realms of peace, love, joy, and bliss that are our spiritual nature. We must learn to quiet the inner distractions and be available to open and receive the peace that is within. This soul awareness is beyond the mind and the ego. Meditation is the way to discover and establish this inner reality.

The Self Realization Fellowship offers complete lessons and instruction on the advanced technique of Kriya Yoga.

Inspiration for Meditation

If you are new to meditation and would like some help, please listen to the guided meditation below. It will guide you through the chakras and lift your awareness to the spiritual eye. It will help you to experience the peace and love that is within you.