The Power of Devotion

Devotion is an important aspect for our spiritual development. If we merely read lots of books, collect spiritual concepts, and only value our store of information, then we can impede our spiritual progress. It is easy to get overly identified with the mind and get lost in our ego.  The heart and soul are important aspects of our being that we must not overlook. Consciousness and spiritual awareness is awakened through love and devotion. Too many individuals have read lots of books and think they are spiritual evolved because they have collected a lot of information. We must learn to move beyond the mind and our identification with bodily senses to awaken to the higher realms.

Devotion is a powerful tool to deepen our contact with the Divine. Meditation, along with devotion, takes us deeper into our inner self to realize our true, essential nature. We are one with the universe, one with God, a soul of love, light, peace, and joy.  We cannot experience our true nature as consciousness if we are totally identified with the mind. Devotion becomes the practice to open the heart and feel God’s loving presence,

Paramahansa Yogananda said that God has everything except our love. We must give that willingly. Our love for God becomes a magnet to draw the loving presence of Spirit ever closer. We can love God as a particular form or as the formless Spirit.

Learn to develop devotion and fill your heart and life with the ever-present love of God.

More will be offered on how to develop a deeper devotional life.